Sole Conversions



Stud Colour

One of our most popular services, used frequently by many of the top professionals, ideal for anybody who is looking for more grip in wet conditions. Now available in 3 different colour options!

Our sole conversion service allows you to convert your firm ground boots into a mixed-sole setup. This will allow your boots to be used in more challenging conditions.

Once converted, the studs will be completely interchangeable meaning that the studs can be unscrewed just like any regular SG boot.

As standard, the service will add 12 of our Performance Studs (6 on each boot) to your boots, consisting of 4x 13mm and 8x 11mm. We will affix the studs into the prime position taking into consideration both grip and comfort.

You have a choice of Silver, Black or Gold Studs. Please note that the colour on both the Black and Gold studs is not permanent. Just like any mainstream branded coloured studs.

Step-By-Step Process for Send-in Service

In order for us to create your custom request, it's important that you provide us with the correct information requested within the same package you send your boots to us in.

We have created a super simple PDF document for you to fill out upon order, which will be linked within the order confirmation email. Simply print the PDF sheet, fill in your request information and include it in your package along with your boots upon shipment.

If you don't include this PDF sheet with the relevant information there is a chance we may encounter issues with the production of your order! So it's important that you see to it and include it in the items you send out.

Check out for the link within the order confirmation email.

You will be kept up to date with email updates throughout the process of us customising your boot to keep you informed on progress of your delivery returned back to you.

If for whatever reason you forget to include it within your parcel with your boots, please fill out the PDF and send it in to Quoting the order number, type of service and your name within the email subject line and email along with the attached PDF. Please opt for printing out the PDF and including in your parcel for first resort to avoid any delay in production.

Shipping Costs

UK £4.95

Europe £16.95

Rest of World £20.95

*Please note, the shipping costs on service send-ins are for us to RETURN the boot to you after customisation is complete.