About us

Back in 2010 a 22 year old lad had just graduated University with a Masters Degree and was working as a delivery driver until 5am trying to make ends meet.

I loved my Adipure i blackouts and wanted my red Umbro Stealth Pro to look the same so had a google to see how it could be done.

Like a lot of other people around that time I was getting tired of the lack of black boots available to buy.

So, I gave it a go, enjoyed it and loved the outcome. Next, I bought a few pairs of cheap Sale item Speciali Pro, blacked them out and sold them online for a profit.

It was at this point I decided I could maybe make a living from this and quit my delivery job. I had a look online to see if anybody did this and nope, there was a gap in the market.

Nobody to copy from, nobody to compare to. Just had to create a company from scratch that was appealing and unique. Building something like this with nothing to look at and think “I’ll do that but better” is tough.

Fast forward 10 years and my Master’s Degree is now just an expensive fact about me. Tootsboots Ltd was officially registered with HMRC in 2011 after a crazy first 12 months of growth. 

We are now the world’s largest independent football boot customisation company with clients in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the Champions League.

Our aim is to provide as many elite services that are available to the professionals, to the public. Our boot modifications are the best out there and we hope you enjoy visiting our site and using our services.

CEO Tootsboots Ltd


Company Incorporation Number 8311817