DIY Blackout Kit



Our well known and much loved BlackOut Kit is your essential tool for professionally Blacking Out your boots at home.

We have put together our favourite and thoroughly researched products so that you can customise your own boots the way YOU want to.

The products in this kit are the VERY BEST out there and leave you with the best results possible, they don’t fade or wear off like that marker pen you once tried. The kit contains everything you need to complete the job with ease and a professional finish.

Our Step 2 formula cannot be found anywhere on the market and has been created by us to give the strongest and most effective BlackOut you will find.

The Brand New Step 4, a Hydrophobic fluid which you apply using the built-in pump spray for that extra layer of protection AND performance.

This kit with its instruction booklet guides you through the '4 steps' you need to take to black out all or part of your boot the professional way.

Each kit contains:

  • 50ml of surface preparer
  • 25ml of surface dye
  • 15ml of surface finisher
  • 15ml of surface protect
  • A splash matt to do your work on
  • A wool dauber to apply your dye professionally
  • Protective gloves
  • Cotton Pads for preparing the surface of your boot
  • A custom made flat head brush for those detailed areas
  • Detailed step by step instructions booklet

Shipping Costs

Shipping UK £4.95

Europe £8.95

Rest of World £11.95